Jasun Horsley - Crucial Fictions & Lucid Trauma

Jasun Horsley - Crucial Fictions & Lucid Trauma

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Jasun Horsley is a sharp but subtle thinker who describes himself as "an existential detective in chronic confession mode". A prolific writer, he has published countless books, blog posts, & articles. He also hosts The Liminalist podcast, where we did a follow-up conversation. Initially reluctant, a series of uncanny coincidences lured me deeper into his realm, where I discovered a treasure trove of parallel processes, insights, & reflections. In this episode we cast a sobering glance at the potentially dissociative perils of visionary experiences & the integrative appeal of trauma as the gateway to becoming fully incarnated.

Find Jasun @ www.auticulture.com

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Links: -Liminalist podcast, follow-up -Icarus' Story: Chronicle of a False Awakening (audio) part1 -Do Organs Dream of Collective Sleep (blog) -Prisoner of Infinity (book) -The Trip B4 The Fall (essay/audio) -The Serpent's Promise (or Drugs as Ritual Self Sacrifice) -Shirts 4 sale: "11:11 is an inside Job" / "Your Conspiracy Theories are Parannoying"

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