Anemnesis By Jove (Solo Pod)

Anemnesis By Jove (Solo Pod)

an psychoactive journey past Jupiter, up memory lane

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I've been transitioning. First from my humble jungle abode to my father's neurodegerative memory palace in Miami, & now I've just landed in the urban jungle of NYC for my art show & performance on August 13th. I used to spend a lot of time here pre-911, was gonna move here even & am sure to recover memories long forgotten, parts of myself I stored for future visitation. That's the theme of this short ep: Anemnesis - the remembering of things from a supposed previous existence.

I recite a chapter from my unfinished manuscript of Aya writings titled VR: Vegetal Reality, laid atop a dynamic ambient bedding of sound sculpted by Soularflair w/ field-recorded icaros sung in ceremony by the Shipibo shaman Cesar "Soimetza" Bardales woven into the design.

This tale deals exclusively w/ the passage through places that can only be recalled while alert in the alterered state. So wear your purge bucket as a space helmet & join me as I journey past Jupiter without ever leaving the atmosphere of earth.

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Art Show (event link) Video promo1 (Terence Mckenna)

Video promo2 (Alan Watts)

More excerpts from VR: Vegetal Reality

The Athenaeum promo (Terence Mckenna)




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the ungoogleable michaelangelo

the ungoogleable michaelangelo

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