Craig Deininger - Rejected By Aliens

Craig Deininger - Rejected By Aliens

Show notes

Desperation. Isolation. Desolation. Autonomy. Individuation. Imagination. These are some of the themes we cover in our conversation as we wade through both shadow and sunshine, casting our shades upon the Source and shielding our brow in salute of saucer and Self! Craig Deininger is a desert dwelling poet, a scholar of depth psychology and comparative mythology, a teacher, and a long time Transcendental Meditator. Join us as we talk the walk up to the precipice, beyond which you can only venture if you let your language off the leash and watch the words behave in wild and wily ways.

Notes & links

  1. Bjork - The Gate (one of the greatest music videos ever)
  2. Biophotons (google it, not necesarily the source of light in visions, but "lit" nonetheless)
  3. Leaves from the World Tree: selected poems of Craig Deininger and Dennis Patrick Slattery (amazon)
  4. "Reclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice" by JF Martel (amazon)
  5. Void Denizen - "Monkey Business" (on bandcamp / on Spotify) 6."The Ascendence of Deininger", painting (original available)
  6. TheaTerRa - "Internity" (outro music)

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