Dark Ecology and the Lyrical Intellect

Dark Ecology and the Lyrical Intellect

in which we discuss the relationship between language and nature, and the nature of the language of relationships

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Nathan Dufour Oglesby, PhD, aka Nathanology is a rap-educating professor of classics, performance philosopher, activist, & video artist.

Nathan & I talk about the relationship between Language and nature, while discussing the nature of inter-generational relationships w one's eco/home. We touch upon the Mayan fable of the Toh bird (aka the Nathaniel bird) & the unforeseen consequences of “knaming” things—how our efforts to familiarize ourselves w the world can in effect estrange us from its true nature.

We broach the topic of exploring intimacy w Inanimate objects & u’ll hear us refer to what A.N. Whitehead called “Intensities of experience” as well as what Tim Morton termed “dark ecology”.

We ask questions like “Should we save the world of just savor what’s left of it?” & ponder the notion of Initiating oneself beyond statistic dissociation, into the pulsing reference of life's vital essence.

We don’t offer any answers, but I think the questions do in a sense part the veil & allow for more of life’s mystery to reveal itself.

Find/follow Nathanology: www.nathanology.net Twitter/Tiktok/IG: @nathanology_ Youtube:@nathanology

Links: Nathan on This Podcast Is A Ritual The Language of Loss, poem She Unnames Them Big Window (Jeff Cravath)

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