Dave Green - A Draw-Bridge Between (The Waking State & The Lucid Dream)

Dave Green - A Draw-Bridge Between (The Waking State & The Lucid Dream)

An exploration of art as a bridge between worlds

Show notes

(( headphones recommended for optimal immersion and enjoyment ))

Dave Green’s simple line drawings come across as iconographic glyphs. These drawings are recreations, upon waking, of drawings he created in a lucid dream state.

Lately he has been experimenting with giving his pen & paper to other people in his dreams to see what they create.

His art has been featured in BBC Science Focus and DreamTime magazine. He has lectured about his work at the Tate Modern & is the subject of an upcoming documentary by the World Science Festival.

We talk about dream practices, artful means of building bridges between worlds, & creating one’s own custom, divinatory lexicon through which to smuggle objects across the borders of waking & dream.

Watch Dave's 20min illustrative demonstration of his lucid art practice: https://youtu.be/9SDXyn11Zcs

Find/follow Dave: IG: @davegreen5000 www.dave-green.co.uk

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