Dave Oshana - The BloodsDream of the Ancestors

Dave Oshana - The BloodsDream of the Ancestors

the Enlightenment Transmission, scents of humor, and the spectacle of the spiritual

Show notes

(((Headphones recommended for optimal enjoyment)))

In the year 2000 Dave became enlightened. Notice what comes up at the mention of the e-word. R u triggered? Curious? Eye-rolling?

Set aside any preconceived notions U might have about enlightenment, or what an enlightened person might be like. The way Dave describes it is that he simply woke up one morning & no longer felt like Dave, like the Dave he had, up to that moment, identified as. He woke up from Dave, and found himself to be a Whole Host of Sensations (WHoS Dave?) just… like… an embodied being with lots of bodily sensations that communicated to "him" from the depths of that being. There was a light too, though he didn’t conceptualize it. Several months later he began using the term “transmission” to help explain the phenomena that occurred when others had contact w/ him. He now shares the “Enlightenment Transmission” w/ people around the world, inspiring them to be their authentic selves. U may have heard about Dave Oshana on ep 7. He's the guru-type guy Jasun Horsley works w/ & writes about. In one of his blogs, JaHo once warned: “If you value your identity, you will stay away from Dave Oshana.”

Find/email Dave: https://www.daveoshana.com/contact

Full video/extended shownotes: Patreon.com/voiddenizen

Video replay of Nov29 DaveO event: https://www.daveoshana.com/events/929-the-final-conflict-genes-vs-memes-ancestors-vs-identities-always-living-vs-never-lived

Related JaHo piece, endorsing the event: https://auticulture.com/ancestral-abduction/

EDIT: 'twas M.Phillip, not M.Garfield

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this ep ft. Betsy Gunn on Ghuzeng & Shruti “Plant Teacher” by TheaTerRa (on Spotify/Bandcamp)



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