Eric Wargo - The Preciousness of the Prescient Present

Eric Wargo - The Preciousness of the Prescient Present

in which we discuss the practical applications and philosophical implications of precognitive dreamwork

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I’d describe Eric Wargo as an oneiric archeologist. He’s the author of “Time Loops: Retrocausation, Precognition, and The Unconscious” as well as a recent handbook for interpreting message from the future received in dreams called “Precognitive Dreamwork and the Long Self.” I resonate with the ideas he puts forth so much that I’ve purchased the book seven times!

We talk about the physical locale of the collective unconscious, personification and encryption in dream states, time travel, the prophetic nature of creativity, and more. I also get a chance to relay a few pertinent instances of precognition and time loops from my own life.

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