Erik Davis - GhostWriting at the Crossroads

Erik Davis - GhostWriting at the Crossroads

two wordsmiths discuss The Word's myth

Show notes

(((Headphones MANDATORY for optimal enjoyment)))

After ep. 6 w/ Stuart Davis & his mantic antics, you probably thought you’d never encounter another esoteric Davis on this show. But you were wrong because the esoteric Erik Davis is in the (haunted) house!

Erik is a prolific writer, speaker, cultural critic & social analyst, best known for his books TechGnosis, High Weirdness, Nomad Codes, and Led Zeppelin’s Led Zeppelin IV. He conducted Terence Mckenna’s final interview, and was featured in the documentary DMT: The Spirit Molecule as well the recent A Glitch In The Matrix.

Equipped with an esemplastic scholastic mind, and a creative, psychedelic soul, he walks a tightrope between the academic and the daemonic.

This episode will be especially interesting for our fellow word-workers, but even if you don’t identify as a writer, we all, inevitably, work with words, whether we want to or not. It’s too late in the game to turn back, go mute, or become illiterate (especially YOU, who are at this very moment reviving my phantom voice by scanning these marks with your eyes).

This episode is a portrait of a writer at the crossroads, adapting to a changing media landscape, and the shifting mindfield that comes with it.

Erik's Aya Monologue: My Aya Monologue: Expanding Mind

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