Gib Strange - Zeitgeist Busters

Gib Strange - Zeitgeist Busters

Wherein we overlap-dance to the subject matter of Gib's coming-of-information-age novel-in-disguise "Notes From The Uncanny Valley"

Show notes

((headphones recommended for an optimal listening experience))

Gib Strange is a writer of post-ironic, meta-modern fiction. His witty work is filled w/ carefully balanced, tessellated paradoxes & insightful observations. He released parts of his novel, Notes From The Uncanny Valley, as an audiobook-disguised-as-podcast. It’s a "coming-of-information-age" kinda tale, permeated by a feeling of isolation & a sense of camaraderie w/ information itself. In it the narrator’s voice drifts dreamily on a bed of ambient sound like a ghostly tour guide highlighting the remains of the real as they fade into shades of virtuality.

For me Gib’s writings condition a particular way of thinking, feeling, & seeing--aweaving, really--that may inspire the reader to want to write as well, to cast out their perceptual nets & take note of patterns in the world around them, in hopes of reeling in some detectable imprints of meaning.

We struggled thru some techNickle diFickleties that forced us to try out all the different recording platforms in existence. Very fitting for the kind of technallergic topics we explored. As a result the conversation is divided into 3 parts & interspliced w/ segments from Gib’s audiolized narrative. Unfortunately the first 1/2 hour of our conversation has some crippled, crackly audio bits, like gristle for the ears, but it’s not too bad, so just spit em out, ok?

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