Jake Kobrin - Interfacial Magick

Jake Kobrin - Interfacial Magick

an exploration of art, artificial intelligence, and divination

Show notes

(( headphones recommended for optimal immersion and enjoyment ))

Proficient in both digital & traditional media, Jake is one of the few formally trained visionary artists. I was his guest on ep.10 of The Quarantine Sessions, a podcast he began hosting at the onset of the pandemic. Nowadays he sporadically casts pods as solo spells, wherein he discusses his study & practice of Magick.

Alongside a curated pantheon of experts and professionals Jake also facilitates Online workshops & in-person retreats that focus on the intersection of art, mindfulness, & the western esoteric tradition.

We talk about his recent ventures into co-creating w/ Midjourney, where text-prompted spells generate AI-art. We relate the process to divinatory practices, & consider that perhaps egregorial entities are the mind’s own AI agencies.

We also touch upon his rarely discussed experience w/ hook suspension.

Though it’s not his main avenue of expression, Jake also plays music, & I included one of his piano compositions in the intro to showcase the scope of his multivalent talent.

Find/follow Jake: IG: @.kobrin. www.jakekobrin.com

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