Jesse Jacobs - Place-as-Character

Jesse Jacobs - Place-as-Character

a conversation with the comic book artist behind whimsical works like Crawl Space and Safari Honeymoon

Show notes

(Headphones recommended for optimal immersion in and enjoyment of the show's intro and outro )

Jesse Jacobs is an imaginative comic book writer and illustrator from Canada. His books include Crawl Space, Safari Honeymoon, By This Shall You Know Him, and New Pets. His compelling, cartoon worlds and their inhabitants call to mind the pataphysical taxonomies of works like the Codex Seraphinianus, Hieronymous Bosch, Hayao Myazaki, and Adventure Time.

His work often contains ecological elements that deal with characters moving through and adapting to places that are alive, and the mysterious forces (big and small) that lord over them.

We explore the trippy tropes of place-as-character, nature’s boundless beauty and dangers, and the sometimes-necessity of boarding-up-a-portal.

Comparing notes on the creative process, psychedelic influences, and sharing recommendations of books, music, and films, we revel in a mutual admiration of each other’s work.

I created audio play adaptations of scenes from his books Crawl Space and Safari Honeymoon for the intro and outro of the episode, musically assisted by Bear Glass and the voice talents of Taylor Stillwell and Kat Lakey. You'll soon be able to find these, as well as extended shownotes, on my IG, TikTok, YouTube, and Patreon (linked below) so follow along!

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