Kent Osborn - Sonic Space Craft

Kent Osborn - Sonic Space Craft

in which we dialogue about the shamanic practice of making objects with one's voice

Show notes

(( headphones recommended ))

Aside from facilitating plant medicine ceremonies & vending shamanic paraphernalia, Kent Osborn is also a painter & writer. He published a book of his Ayahuasca-inspired, visionary art called InKENTations, & wrote Shinan, which chronicles the different "kené"--the circuitous designs distinct to the Shipibo tribe of the Ucayali region of Peru. The patterns of the Kené are inspired by the shamans' icaros (healing songs).

This episode consists of a conversation I recorded in 2014, in San Fancisco, when Kent returned from his first Shipibo-flavored Ayahuasca ceremony in Lima. He passionately and humorously shares an experience he had with a powerful shaman, wherein he crafted objects w/ his voice & ecountered ancestral spirits. I counter his wonder-filled account w/ a tale of one of my own early Aya experiences, in which the voice also played a central role in navigating & crafting space.

Extended shownotes includes Kent's art & a piece of writing called "Icaro Casino", a case study, complimentary to ep 17, that dissects the assumptions behind our beliefs & the origins of chance, gambling, & divination.

Find/follow Kent: IG: @inkentations / @shinan_visionary_art


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Kent Osborn

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