Leishmaniasis (Solo Pod)

Leishmaniasis (Solo Pod)

investigating the thin line that divides the parasitic from the symbiotic

Show notes

In this episode I host a parasite instead of a conventional guest. In the Mexican jungle, deforestation unleashed Leishmania, a parasite vectored by a sandfly, and I am infected. Marked by volcanic lesions on my left cheek and right hand I'm undergoing an impatient transformation(TM), and as I wait for medicine to arrive, I examine my experience through shamanic, ecological, and pragmatic lenses. Relaying the story in classic SPAOP-fashion, I investigate themes of inter-species diplomacy, the thin line between a parasite and a symbiot, between psychedelic ecology and ecodelic psychology, between parasitology and parapsychology, and contemplate the merits of redemption.

The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo www.theungoogleable.com

IG: void_denizen

YT, Twitter, TikTok, etc: https://Linktr.ee/void_denizen

Mentioned on the show:

-Upstream Color, film by Shane Carruth -The Red Hand Files, newsletter/blog by Nick Cave -Paradise Has Parasites, SPAOP solo pod


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the ungoogleable michaelangelo

the ungoogleable michaelangelo

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