Morgan Sorne - Resourceful Sorcery

Morgan Sorne - Resourceful Sorcery

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(Headphone recommended for optimal immersion in the intro)

Morgan Sorne is a multi-dimensional storyteller, visual artist, and composer. We talk about self-mythologization, embodying archetypal charisma, and how taking fictional liberties invites critical thinking and imagination. We gab about the influence of dream, deep listening, and giving voice to forces both earthly and otherworldly. We riff on modular storytelling, world-building, song-drawings, and the "DIY-VR" quality of composing with picture perfect pitch. Oh, and the Florida Man archetype.

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Hyperlinked rabbitholes to SORNE's wonderlands:

mentioned on the show:

  • Jodorowsky's Dune (film)
  • When Werner Herzog Rescued Joaquin Phoenix (Youtube)
  • Robert Farris Thompson - Flash of the Spirit (book)
  • Star Trek - The Inner Light (TV)
  • Martin Praechtel - The Smell of Rain on Dust (book)
  • Elizabeth Gilbert - Your Elusive Creative Genius (TED talk)
  • Saul Williams - Martyr Loser King (music)
  • Miwa Matreyek (animator)

NEW WRITING: "My Psychedelic Bar Mitzvah: Perspectives on the Intersection of Judaism, Shamanism, and the Appropriate Origins of Culture"

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