Paradise Has Parasites (Solo Pod)

Paradise Has Parasites (Solo Pod)

a series of Ayahuasca stories

Show notes

(( headphones recommended ))

Time for a solo pod! In the spirit of modular storytelling this episode offers five written/spoken/sound-scaped vignettes. All the stories are based in the Ayahuasca experience, sourced from my private stash. Not unlike an audiobook, the dark, poetic prose intends to take the audience on an immersive listening experience, enchanting them into an altered state. The main tale takes place at the intersection of parapsychology and parasitology, and revolves around my visionary encounter with a parasite who, during a 2014 sojourn in the Peruvian amazon, held my body and mind hostage.

The segments are tentatively titled as follows:

  1. Sharing Circle

  2. The Man In The Jungle

  3. The Secret Cannot Be Contained

  4. In The Beginning Was The Shhh...

  5. Colonel Carapace: in Cherished Memory of a Perished Parasite

Extended shownotes (artwork/writings/resources):

a special thanks to Mike Brancatelli of Mike-a-delic (my guest in ep 10) for lending his voice talent in servive of this episode's intro, where he portrays Erik Davis (my guest in ep13)


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