Ramin Nazer - DeepFake BlackFace

Ramin Nazer - DeepFake BlackFace

a conversation between two of Infinity's PR men, on the intersection of irreverence and revelation

Show notes

(((Headphones MANDATORY for optimal enjoyment)))

Everybody loves Ramin. In my humble o’pineal, his creations deserve a Best Of The Web award.

Why can’t YOU be more like Ramin?

You’ve seen him tell an animated tale of timeline confusion on his way back from Dee EmTeeness on “Tales From The Trip” (DMTv).

You’re already familiar with his podcast the Rainbow Brainskull Hour, and OF COURSE you know his colorful artworks, about which you‘ll hear me literally (literally) sing their praises during the intro.

I remind him of Robin Williams, and I think he’s a real life Aladdin (probably just because he’s of Persian persuasion, and I like to genieralize).

Whenever we, infinity’s mercurial PR men, rub our magic lamps together, our light-bulbed brain-noodles tend to whackadoodle all over the place, because neither of us are “straight men” (in the comedic sense--NO HOMO!) (except Sapiens). (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) In effect this is probably the least disciplined SPAOP conversation exploration to date. (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

We invite you to befriend what offends you, and to meet us at the TRIGGER WARNING sign on the intersection of irreverance and revelation, in the hope that this episode will make you “trigger happy”.

I also appeared (for a 2nd time) on his pod, so be sure to check that out as well!

Find Ramin: www.rainbowbrainskull.com / IG: @raminnazer

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this ep ft. Taylor Stillwell as Jane "AllGood" Goodal

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Ramin Nazer

Ramin Nazer

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