The World Is My Stage, But I Perform On The Page

The World Is My Stage, But I Perform On The Page

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I present you with a bonus feature to celebrate the launch of my brand new Patreon page and to tide you over while I finish up Episode 4 (coming sooooon). This little storytime transmission is only about twenty minutes long for a change! And though there's no guest, it is a self portrait as another person, because it's not my neutral voice narrating here, but an "altered ego", whose babble sounds like "the ranted banter you might overhear at a mixer of tricksters". His telling touches onto some of the recurring themes of the show--the limits of language, the fringes of reality, psychedelics, shamanism, literature as a metaphor for immortality, death and resurrection, etc-- as well as foreshadowing some of themes we'll discuss on the next episode, which will be titled "Current Channels and Rivers of Song". Aaaaaand there's an extra bonus segment that starts around the ten minute mark, a tale of enchantment laid to rest on a bed of sound. This segment reflects specifically on the sound and sorcery of an "adept witchdoctor", his soft whistling, and the manner in which his masterfully regulated breath effects the minds and bodies of the patients over whom he presides with this form of subtle, psychic surgery. (Oh, and there's a field recording that functions as an outro theme, sung by shipibo shaman Don Cesar aka Sui Metza)

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