Trius - Escape From Ikem

Trius - Escape From Ikem

Mind Control, Indoctrination, & the Reclamation of Freedom through Art

Show notes

In this diffi-cultish episode we navigate the orchard of twisted beauty in which a shade-grown tree named Trius grew up, contorting his way into the light to produce the strange fruit we call art. Trius is a painter who was born into the infamous Moonie cult, and who has spent a great deal of his life trying to rid himself from the stains left by their indoctrinated worldview. We explore how the traumatic distortions of this origin story continue to play out in his psyche, and the role that art plays in the reclamation of freedom and mind. Also, he recently escaped from a Czech hospital that may or may not have been run by the mafia.

I have prepared a page full of shownotes and related artworks by Trius that you can dive into here:

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