Travis Puntarelli - Current Channels & Rivers of Song

Feb 14, 2020117 minutes

This episode is an exploration of song (aka "space-craft") as a tool with which to navigate landscapes and mindscapes, and as a means through which to gain entranced entrance into the mystic/mythic dimensions of the psyche. Travis is a true troubador, and together we explore the world of songcrafting, lyricism, the realms of fae, and the graceful race of ugly goblins that dance around in his mind. (Serving suggestion: try listening through headphones)

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Links to songs mentioned in this episode:

  1. Get to know Travis & his tunes thru this YouTube playlist of 1-take takeaway shows I shot of my favorite Travis tunes, including "Witty World", "Gold Dust", & "Silence The Song" in its unbroken entirety.
  2. TheaTerRa - No Such Thing
  3. Stark Levity performing a Goblin Song at an event I produced in 2013
  4. The Theme of the Sentimental Centipede, downloaded in an altered state, midwifed by Travis' instrumentality
  5. Travis' contributions to the Void Denizen record: Eclipse (Halfway) and Silent Sirens

Literary references mentioned in this episode:

  • The Spell of the Sensuous - David Abram
  • The Cosmic Serpent - Jeremy Narby
  • Good Faeries, Bad Faeries - Brian Froud

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