The Pandemic as Societal Tuning Fork in the Road

Mar 29, 202031 minutes

(Headphones recommended)

I'm taking this opportunity to go solo to share some musings, perspectives, & reflections on the current situation by sending a trippy lil broadcast from my cozy little quarantine to yours. I hope it puts a smile on your face & thoughts in your mind, & that this blend of cosmic, comedic, & contemplative content is a welcome distraction into the heartland. At any rate, you’ll learn a few (bad) words in Dutch.

Originally, I just wanted to share a short, sound-scaped story called “The Man in the Jungle” with you (previously only available on my Patreon page) in order to cross-reference my recent appearances on the Third Eye Drops podcast and The Cosmic Nod podcast—both of which were heavily Ayahuasca themed—just like the story. But then the apocalypse started, so I thought why not ponder & pander to the pandemic theme for a few bars, & tie it in to the tale by riffing on the shipibo-placebo model of healing through the imagination. So here’s all of that, & more. You'd be missing out, but if you wanna skip straight to the story—it starts about 21 minutes in.

I’ll be back soon with episode 5, featuring multi-dimensional artist & musician Morgan Sorne. I suggest you start familiarizing yourself with his work before the next episode drops, starting here.

Until then, stay safe & stay the hell away from each other! ;-)

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Links mentioned in this episode: -3rd Eye Drops, episode 193 -Cosmic Nod (episode drops Friday 4/3. Link pending) -Talismanic Antibodies

Synth & bass on the QuaranTune: Travis Puntarelli

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